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Train School

Do your kids love Trains, Music and Learning Games? Take them to Train School!

Train School is a musical learning game that includes countless riddles to solve within the world of trains and steam engines. To make it fun, there is a special train for every unique question, making it an exciting experience for children who love trains. With endless learning variations, unlimited play prevents boredom and stimulates engagement for even the youngest of minds. In Train School, the easy listening music is all professionally recorded and includes sing alongs from popular campfire and railroad songs.

Music Includes:
• Coming Around the Mountain
• Home on the Range
• Working on the Railroad
• This Train is Bound For Glory
• Jack and Jill
• Big Rock Candy Mountain

Learning Games include:
• Puzzles
• Matching
• Alphabet
• Letters
• Pattern Solving
• Stickers
• Counting
• Fruits, Vegetables, Railroad Items, Trains, Days of the Week, Cars, Letters, Numbers, Boats, Trucks, and Animals

Real-Time Dynamic Environment:
Based on the time of day you are playing Train School, the sky is adaptable and automatically changes. If its dark outside, the app shows a night sky with stars, if its midday, look for the bright rays of the sun! Every train has a day of the week sign that includes the current day, is it Saturday or Sunday? Have fun learning the days of the week as you play the learning games on new days.

Pick Your Character:
To promote comfort in early learning, you can pick your favorite conductor. Jack and Jill are two of the best railway conductors around, let them show you how its done and what to do!

Tiger Stripes specializes in children’s musical apps. Relax for a moment while nursery songs are sung to your child in an educational, fun and tasteful environment. Train School is made to keep your little one learning and playing for hours.

Privacy Policy For Kids:
This app is designed for young children (2-6). We take children’s online safety as a top priority, ensuring that in this app there are No ads, No Social Networking Links, No Location gathering, and No in-app purchases that are required to continue playing. We have a small section of “More Apps” that has video demos of our family friendly children’s apps. These demo’s cannot be accessed without parental help and everything in our apps is designed for children at all times.

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**Created by Parents for Parents with Toddlers! Choo Choo!**

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