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A Princess Tale

Interact, learn and become a Princess! Designed for young kids ages 2-5, are you the fairest maiden in all the land? Become a Princess and enjoy a happily ever after!

What Professional Reviewers Are Saying:
“Here is a book for little princesses, an entertaining story that also teaches about helping with chores, doing a good turn, polite manners and more!”
-iPhone Mom Kids Blogger

“Whether your child is the Prince or the Princess, this app is entertainment with an opportunity for learning, 4/5 Stars!”
-PadGadget iPad App Review

Ushering in a new era of interactive storybooks, A Princess Tale focuses on early learning and teaches and entertains throughout the story! Choose between fair Maidens and help her solve riddles, do chores and get dressed for the Midsummers Ball! Parents will enjoy watching their little one learn household chores to progress, something unique to this learning app that all parents can appreciate.

Incorporating easy listening music and interactive fluid animations, you can listen, learn and play with this fabulous children’s app!

Learn and Explore!
– Learn to do chores and clean up toys!
– Practice drawing and painting!
– Find hidden worlds come alive!
– Learn to set the table for dinner!
– Help feed the animals and gather fruit!
– Sing and play with original music!

-With the help of your fairy godmother, find the perfect outfit for the ball! With hundreds of variations, dress up will entertain for hours on end. Make sure your outfit is just right before meeting the Prince!

Multiple Stories!
– Every Fair Maiden across the world can be a princess. Choose between your favorite Princesses and embark on unique and exciting journeys with her!

Available on all your devices with no further purchase, its universal!

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